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Dacraft™'s Metal Roofing systems are beautiful AND long-lasting. They just may be the last roof you'll ever need! CLICK HERE to download our Metal Roofing Product Information pdf.

Metal Shingle Roofing

With the beauty and look of traditional shingles, but the strength and durability of steel, our metal roofing systems are the next wave in commercial & agricultural roofing! The interlocking system utilizes the latest technology, optimizing installation and durabilty - and they're not just strong, but beautiful - with blended colors and trim to match. They won't warp, split, peel or crack like traditional roofing systems, and they defy winds in excess of 100 mph! Permanent and virtually maintenance-free, it's the last roof you will ever need!

AG-Panel Roofing

AG-Panel is a durable, weather-resistant roofing solution for agricultural and commercial projects. The panels not only provide excellent protection against the elements and increase the life cycle of your roof but they lower the need for maintenance on your roof. AG Panels are a cost effective, high performance metal roofing system.